Our story is very much not over yet. God is still molding us and making us into whom He would like us to be. Our story is one of reconciliation, grace, truth and mission. It is one filled with the gospel and the freedom and redemption that it brings. It is one dedicated to the glory of God.

 We all come from a diverse number of backgrounds. We come from different cities – even different states. We carry with us a great deal of pain and suffering.  More than that, we carry with us forgiveness and grace. We carry with us a life changing relationship with God having been redeemed by His Son, Jesus and are now empowered by the Holy Spirit to do mission.

 We are seeking to see a gospel movement happen in the Blue Ridge Mountains and all over the world. We want to see a revival take place and for the Holy Spirit to do a great movement amongst God’s children and from that we want to see God draw to Himself a great multitude of people from all the nations.

 We are not seeking to be the new place to go and hang out. We are not seeking to be the new attraction. We don’t want to become a church to go to, nor a church to attend. Rather, we desire more than anything – to be the church. To be God’s redeemed people, living on mission together as God’s family all over the Blue Ridge Mountains.

 Won’t you join us? Come be the church with us.